Master in Business Intelligence from SJU

Last November I authored a post comparing different Masters in Business Intelligence programs offered at four universities located in the United States.  You can review my analysis by clicking here.  St. Joseph’s University has posted a video on YouTube describing their online MSBI program.  If you are considering this masters degree from SJU, I would recommend watching the video.  It is nine minutes long.  The first four minutes define Business Intelligence and the final five minutes describe the program.  I am strongly considering enrolling in this program at SJU in the Fall of 2010.  I need to wait this long because I have two children in diapers and I’m wanting them to get a bit older before taking on a masters program.  Anyway, check out the video and maybe we’ll be classmates someday!

– ez


3 Responses to “Master in Business Intelligence from SJU”

  1. Matt Says:

    Did you end up in SJU’s BI program? If so, do you think you could provide a review so far?

  2. Rz Says:

    So, did u join yet?

  3. ez Says:

    No, I still haven’t enrolled. I would love to, but I simply don’t have time in my evenings right now.

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